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Selection of self aligning ball bearing
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Select the basis for cooperation
According to the load acting on the bearing and the rotation of the ring, the load of the bearing ring has three kinds: partial load, cyclic load and rocking load. The general cyclic load (rotating load) and swing load are cooperated closely. In addition to the special requirements of the partial load, it is not suitable to select tight cooperation. When the bearing rings to accept dynamic load and heavy load, the inner and outer rings should be chosen in interference cooperation, but sometimes the outer ring can be a little looser, should be able to swim in the axial bearing shell hole; when the bearing load and the load swing accept lighter, can choose some slightly looser than tight cooperation cooperation.
Load giant
Depends on the amount of interference between the bearing ring and shaft or housing bore to the load size, heavy load, the larger amount of interference; load is light, use a small surplus amount of cooperation. The general radial load is less than 0.07C when P is less than 0.07C, and P is greater than 0.07C and is equal to or less than 0. When 15C is normal load, P is more than 0. The 15C is loaded with heavy load (C is the additional dynamic load of the bearing).
working temperature
When the bearing is working, the temperature of the ring is often higher than the temperature of the adjacent parts. Therefore, the inner ring of the bearing may become loose due to thermal expansion and the outer ring may affect the axial movement of the bearing in the shell hole due to thermal expansion. Do choose to cooperate, the bearing equipment part temperature difference, swelling shrinkage should be taken into account, large temperature difference, the selection of cooperative shaft and the inner ring of the amount of interference should be bigger.
Rotation precision
In order to eliminate the influence of elastic deformation and oscillation, air gap cooperation should be avoided when the bearing has high rotation precision.
The structure and data of the bore of the bearing shell
In the case of a shell hole, it is not suitable to cooperate with the outer ring of the bearing, and it should not roll the outer ring in the hole of the shell. For devices bearing on thin walled shell holes, light metal shell holes or hollow shafts, we should choose tighter cooperation with thick walled shell holes, cast iron shell holes or solid axes.
Installation and disassembly convenience
With regard to heavy machinery, the bearings should be selected with the cooperation of pine. When the demand tight cooperation, can choose the separation bearing, the inner ring and the cone with compact sets or unloading sleeve bearing.
Axial displacement of bearing
In cooperation, when a ring that requires a bearing can be moved axially in the work, the outer ring of the bearing and the hole of the bearing seat shell should be loosely cooperated with.
Selection of cooperation
In cooperation with the bearing and the shaft, the base hole is chosen, and the base shaft is selected for the cooperation with the shell. The cooperation between bearing and shaft is different from that in the machine manufacturing industry. The service diameter of the bearing inner diameter is much lower than that of the public service belt. Therefore, under the same cooperation conditions, the cooperation between the bearing diameter and the shaft is more rigorous than the general cooperation. Although the common service belt with the bearing outer diameter and the middle axis of the base shaft is below the zero line, the value of the common service belt is not the same as the general public service criterion.
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